8.-11 April 2015 - Berlin


Thank you very much for participating at BioSpine 2015!


Dear colleagues and friends,

On behalf of the Organizing Committee and the Advisory Board, I want to thank you for being part at our 5th BioSpine Congress in Berlin from April 8–11, 2015.

BioSpine has set itself the task to act as a catalyst between clinicians, scientists and industrial partners; to support doctors’ curiosity and demand for new information, and at the same time to request that industrial partners elucidate product information with appropriate scientific scrutiny. Biomaterials in spine surgery have moved far beyond the role of “bone void fillers” like it used to be 10 years ago. That evolution has resulted in products that are now characterized as growth factors, cell products and combined products; each of which might follow various regulations to meet clinical use approval. BioSpine was initiated to give insights into technology development, has the aim to impart understanding and acceptance, but also wants to sharpen a critical view.

Nevertheless there are still noticeable differences regarding both the quality of academic support and the efficiency of introducing new products to the market. In particular, the clinical knowledge contribution from the medical point of view remains limited and will require ongoing support from the academics as well as from industry to sustain progress and improve therapeutic options.

BioSpine not only shows openness to the end-consumer, the surgeon, but further recognizes the importance of incorporating the scientist into a common dialogue in order to provide parallel direction for future industrial research.

Hans Jörg Meisel, MD, PhD

I cordially thank you for your participation and look forward to welcome you all again to the 6th BioSpine congress in 2017 in Berlin.


Hans Jörg Meisel